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The Amazing Colossal Jolson

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Terror has a new face!

The Future of Film Club

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I’ve kind of boxed myself in with this Film Club thing, you know — I’m committed to watching the film, then writing it up to post on Monday, then I have to get my Forgotten column ready by Tuesday, then Hitchcock watched and written up for Wednesday — and with the Intertitle of the Week on Sunday, that’s a slightly more rigid way of working than I usually fancy.

My solution will probably be to retire Film Club before I start back teaching in September, perhaps climaxing it with the Hitchcock-Film Club perfect storm of STRANGERS ON A TRAIN. But the idea seems to be a popular one so maybe I’ll continue it as a monthly treat, or revive it on a weekly basis after Hitchcock Year is over. Time will tell. I’ve been meaning to try a revival of the ever-popular CINEMA EUPHORIA strand as well, which has the advantage of being something that can run on a completely irregular basis.

The good news is that next week’s Film Club, as suggested by Tom Sutpen, of If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger… and Illusion Travels by Streetcar fame, will be ANATOMY OF A MURDER.


As Lionel Hutz would say, “Panties, panties, panties!”