Happy Birthday Alfred!


110 years old and looking… pretty badly decayed, in fact. But the films are doing well!

Trust the master of the macabre to be born on the 13th, eh?

11 Responses to “Happy Birthday Alfred!”

  1. Looking decayed no doubt but the films are still as fresh as ever.

  2. You could fly an airliner into those jowls. Now you’ve got me yawning.

  3. Happy Birthday Mr. Hitchcock!

    Haha, Not only was it just a 13th…it was a Friday the 13th!

  4. Was it? I wondered, but then I couldn’t be bothered checking. I also like the fact that the first thing he directed, an incomplete short now lost, was called No. 13.

    I celebrated by watching a couple of Alfred Hitchcock Presents episodes, including the shocking Revenge.

  5. I’ve been celebrating all day long (and all day yesterday…I really am weird). Last year I even hosted a birthday party for him, and had people come over to watch one of his films!

  6. Arthur S. Says:

    Hitchcock was born on a Thursday the 13th. So the 13th of this year is accurate to the dot…

    Me on the other hand…I was born on the Friday the 13th of May.

  7. Arthur S. Says:

    By the way why would Hitchcock be decayed when he was cremated?

  8. Really? I didn’t know that. I got some misinformation then. I read that in a Hitchcock biography…oops!

  9. Arthur S. Says:

    A true saint he was…

    One think that people don’t talk about is that Hitchcock had a beautiful smile. Especially in that bit there…looks like a young kid there.

    And what he says is more true than ever. Especially when he says, “horror films are too easy”.

  10. Cherubic, that’s the word. Watched some early AH Presents, and his intros have a slightly different style than what we became used to later — less lugubrious, more winsome.

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