Intertitle of the Week: The David Cairns Story


Not really, of course. This is from the film — the superb film –I’ll be writing about in Thursday’s The Forgotten.

Haven’t watched much silent cinema this week, (should have screened THE KID to finish off my Sunnyside-related mini-retrospective of Chaplins) and I don’t want to reveal the movie before it’s due date, but it seems rather unfair to ask you to guess this, especially as it’s a foreign movie and the above is not its original intertitle. (A friend thinks replacing title cards in foreign films is as bad as dubbing them — I wouldn’t go that far, but it is definitely a minor form of desecration.)

Instead, let’s see if you can identify this studly young brick:


I’m not sure if getting this right merits a prize or anything, but we’ll see how generous I’m feeling. Maybe I’ll make YOU give ME a prize. Still want to risk it?

11 Responses to “Intertitle of the Week: The David Cairns Story”

  1. robert keser Says:

    Looks like a youthful William Powell (in ROMOLA?). B

  2. Christopher Says:

    its not Gable is it?

  3. Interesting guesses. Wrong, but interesting! You both owe me a drink if I ever see you!

    Remember, it’s a foreign film. But he WAS a Hollywood star.

    His hand being in front of his face does make it a lot harder, I admit. When I first clocked him in the film I didn’t recognize him until he started moving.

  4. So you’re saying the jawline is the giveaway? Not young Niven, is it? Or is he French?

  5. This guy’s French. It’s a silent movie, avec intertitles. Although that wouldn’t have helped me, since I never knew this man, with the VERY distinctive voice, made any silents.

    So no, afraid it’s not Niven.

    The Siren would have got it like THAT.

  6. And David, from having met you in early May in NYC, you seemed neither melancholy nor despondent. Myself, on the other hand…

  7. Maurice Chevalier? Charles Boyer?

  8. The first! You win. I buy you a drink next time!

  9. humm I’d call this The Mary Gordon Story !

  10. Well, we’ve all been there. Tune in on Thursday to see who it’s really about.

  11. […] Notebook, in my regular Thursday piece, where you can find out what Charles Boyer was doing here on […]

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