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Intertitle of the Week: The David Cairns Story

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Not really, of course. This is from the film — the superb film –I’ll be writing about in Thursday’s The Forgotten.

Haven’t watched much silent cinema this week, (should have screened THE KID to finish off my Sunnyside-related mini-retrospective of Chaplins) and I don’t want to reveal the movie before it’s due date, but it seems rather unfair to ask you to guess this, especially as it’s a foreign movie and the above is not its original intertitle. (A friend thinks replacing title cards in foreign films is as bad as dubbing them — I wouldn’t go that far, but it is definitely a minor form of desecration.)

Instead, let’s see if you can identify this studly young brick:


I’m not sure if getting this right merits a prize or anything, but we’ll see how generous I’m feeling. Maybe I’ll make YOU give ME a prize. Still want to risk it?

Here it Comes…

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Remember, Film Club tomorrow! An invention without a future! Tell your friends.

LE MEPRIS de Jean-Luc Godard, 1963.