I Confess!


This week I have been vandalizing posters and lobby cards. I like the expression on the lion-thief’s face here. Guilty but defiant. All I did here was change the word “MILLION” to “LION,” but I’ve been a bit more ambitious with this next one.


HORSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. I would totally watch that! And what a cast of characters.

Reminder: Film Club 2 starts on Monday. My post on LE MEPRIS will probably appear around 8am GMT. I’ll be out at work for much of the day, so talk amongst yourselves. I’ll weigh in when I get back in the evening.

25 Responses to “I Confess!”

  1. Wow. You maniac. Where can I find this on DVD? You really are ambitious.

  2. Not to be confused with DRACULA’S DONKEY.

  3. Oooh how fun!


  5. Plus that Iraq War Classic Frankenstein Vs. The Wolfowitz.

  6. Starring Lon Chaney and Dick Cheney?

  7. Actually, it’s THE WOLFMAN’S HAIRY ASS, starring Dick Cheney Jr.

  8. Christopher Says:

    lol..horse of dracula…not to be confused with that great foodie movie..the Horseradish of Dracula,where The Woof man seeks a cure for his overeating disorder that was EGGED on to him by Julie Childes as the Hunchback girl….the Frank-n-beans aren’t off the Table till the last Reel..

  9. Diet, Monster, Diet!

  10. David Boxwell Says:

    Cinema marquee bloopers (one letter incorrect):

    I WANKED WITH A ZOMBIE, Val Lewton’s Jane Eyre

    FANNY GIRL (funnier for Brits than Americans)

    THE BANG WAGON, with infant triplets who sing

    TWAT OBSCURE OBJECT OF DESIRE, Bunuel’s last work

    FANNY FACE, Hepburn-Astaire May-December romance

    CUN’T STOP THE MUSIC, starring the Village People

    MAN CUNT, directed by Fritz Lang


  12. I’m glad this is an adult-oriented film blog (HOWARD THE FUCK, wasn’t he the one Al Pacino was yelling at in DOG DAY AFTERNOON?).

  13. Yeah, his friends call him “How.”

  14. Christopher Says:

    dental hygene and menstrual cramps were treated delicately in 2 Hammer greats..Plaque of the Zombies and Blood from the Mummy’s Womb..

  15. They were always making films about period pains: Curse of Frankenstein and Curse of the Werewolf…

    The Two Feces of Dr Jekyll.
    Teste of Fear
    Quatermass and the Tit

  16. Is Draculack related to Abelard Snazz?

    I’d watch any film featuring the awesome “Woman”, she’s tall like her mother, and wears moustache like her father

  17. Christopher Says:

    Horseradish of Dracula is the sequel to the other foodie film..International House of Frankenstein,where Dr. Nieman and his hunchback assistant travel to Vaseria in search of the amazing banana nut frankenstein flapjack batter recipe thats secretly tucked away inside the Pancake journal,”The secrets of life and death”only,as fate would have it,Neiman becomes more obsessed with re-heating the Frank-n-Beans….that dosen’t come off the table till the last Reel…

  18. Gloria, I’m SO impressed you know the man with the double-decker dome!

    I love the ideal of International House of Frankenstein, I might try and make that one, if I can find an image for the WC Fields farrago International House.

  19. Well, Abelard became a god, so that makes him sort oa a world-wide (or cosmos-wide) celebrity!! ;D

    (Spaceships propelled by worms’ sainthood… man, Snazz should have received the nobel Prize for that!)

  20. Ingulphus Says:

    I had the privilege of knowing Jane Adams, of “Horse of Frankenstein”, when I lived near Palm Springs, CA – a lovely lady who enjoyed making appearances at horror film conferences. And this thread, which had me gasping for breath because of unremitting laughter , also reminded me of two titles Anthony Burgess proposed in one of his Enderby books: Dicken’s “A Sale of Two Titties” and Browning’s “Pappa Pisses”… in honor, no doubt of the Reverend Spooner (“Ladies, allow me to sew you to your sheets”).

  21. Look out for more of these later this week. Was Jane Adams the hunchback woman or the romantic lead? It’s been a few years since I watched the later Universal series entries.

    My favourite Spoonerism, or quasi-Spoonerism, was comic Ronnie Barker, as the Reverend opening his laundry: “Oh no, they’ve freed the slaves!”

  22. Christopher Says:

    Jane Adams was the Hunchback girl..Watched her a couple of weeks ago as a blind girl in the Rondo Hatton film,The Brute Man..very attractive lady..I always thought a pretty hunchback girl was a strange bit of business for a 40s hollywood film..

  23. She’s great in both films, and I was fascinated by hunch-gal too. She’s largely a sympathetic character, or far more than Hans and Fritz and Ygor and Igor etc.

    Just assembled an International House of Frankenstein poster, will scan it and publish later in the week.

  24. Looking forward to it, sounds like fun, CAN’T WAIT. Love them Universal flapjacks.

  25. Crepe-uscular.

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