Remain Calm


…but head over to the Auteurs’ Notebook where Bertrand Blier’s CALMOS is today’s special, as part of The Forgotten series of columns. Featuring some of the strangest and wrongest images ever to appear on that august site.

5 Responses to “Remain Calm”

  1. Hi linked to this via the new Britmovie site!

  2. I was always a bit suspicious of britmovie. net, since I write for And you’re not that new, really, are you? I sometimes get the impression you want people to think you’re the same site, having changed address.

  3. I realize this is a tad off subject but I’ve just received a couple of emails telling me that director John Hughes is dead at 59 of a heart attack. Ahh, the Eighties.

  4. Also Budd Schulberg, who was considerably older. We were recently speculating on what would happen if persons with the same birthday, as detected on the IMDb, were compelled to collaborate on movies. What about deaths? They always come in threes. So, Harry Alan Towers to produce, Schulberg to write and Hughes to direct. What a Fu Manchu picture that would make! Brando as Fu and Molly Ringwald as his daughter.

    I am sad about Hughes, who once seemed to be making a decent transition to more mature films, then slid into the doldrums of Curly Sue &c.

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