Family Plot


Emma Hitchcock, mother of the more famous Alfred, did not survive WWII, dying of natural causes in the midst of that horror. Hitchcock, visiting London to make his two short propaganda films, was depressed and frightened by the air raids. And those air raids destroyed William Hitchcock’s fish and chip shop. William was Hitch’s brother. The two men were not particularly close

Anyway, William killed himself before the war was over. John Russell Taylor’s authorized bio only hints at this, but Patrick McGilligan has it in cold black and white. Anyhow, Hitch’s career being what it was, this sad little family fact does inspire me to wonder, a little more morbidly than usual, what method Bill may have deployed in his shuffling off, and if it has any connection to any of the varied means of homicide demonstrated in brother Alf’s oeuvre.

Beyond that, the melancholy end of William H. is also pertinent since it has a bearing on the manner in which Alfred eventually departed this world. We’ll get to that in December. Consider this the foreshadowing.

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