Fumetti: Milk

Here’s another Hitchcock fumetti. If you like, you can try to name all the films the images come from.

“…there was a case in Los Angeles. I don’t know if the man is still on Death Row or not, but he committed — killed a woman and he said he did it after seeing PSYCHO. He had killed two other women before, so when the press called and asked if I had any comment, I said, “Yes. I want to know the names of the movies he saw before he killed the other two, or did he kill the first one after drinking a glass of milk?” ~ Alfred Hitchcock.










The glass of milk does seem like a minor Hitchcock obsession.

16 Responses to “Fumetti: Milk”

  1. Is anyone else having trouble with their Google Mail? I haven’t been able to access my gmail for the past few days.

  2. Mine’s fine.

  3. David Boxwell Says:

    “The End”. That’s Walter Wanger’s trademark logo, so that must be, ironically, “Foreign Correspondent.” It’s like something from Nazi scupltor Arno Breker’s studio. (Although there is a lot of similar public art from the New Deal adorning the Department of Labor building here in Washington DC).

    The screen capture of Leon Lion from Number Seventeen is more amusing than the actual performance.

    The victim in Young and Innocent eerily reminds me of Deborah Kerr without Burt Lancaster.

  4. Yes, like somebody’s digitally removed him, for their own nefarious ends.

    OK, you guessed three fairly tricky ones there, but I’m sure you know more.

  5. And how about this Milk Bath?

    Of course it’s not Hitchcock, but still. . .

  6. The first is the famous lightbulb-in-the-milk shot from Suspicion. I think the second last is from the same film. Are the third and fourth from Spellbound?

  7. Ah, Amanda Barrie. I wish…

    a) She had been in more Carry Ons, she adds a unique and specifically feminine kind of silliness that would have complimented the other comics’.

    b) She had more of a film career, though she did enjoy a decades-long presence on British TV.

    The guy who shows Sid James in is very funny too, don’t know who he is.

  8. Three is from Spellbound, four isn’t — it’s the same gimmick, but from a less -known movie. Six is from the same film, if that helps.

    So, two of you have identified three shots, leaving four unguessed.

  9. is number 8 from young and innocent?

  10. yes, and it’s already been got

  11. Still, well done, since you hadn’t noticed Mr Boxwell’s reference to it.

    I’d say 2 is guessable, and while 7 might seem impossible, if you know the film you might recognize the funhouse mirror distortions of a drunken POV. But not many people know the film.

  12. Christopher Says:

    I thought the 6th picture down was Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis for a minute there..

  13. Not tonight, Josephine!

    Just watched Notorious: Bergman awakens from her drunken debauch with a glowing white glass by her bedside. “MILK!” cried Fiona. It wasn’t, thankfully. Not a good sign, Cary Grant bringing you a glass of milk that early in a relationship.

  14. okay, i may have cheated a bit because i went through the hitchcock filmography looking for the one that has the least written about it on wikipedia instead of drawing upon actual knowledge but is number 7 from the ring?

    i think a glass of milk signifies safe, pure normality which makes it ripe for perversion

  15. You’re right about The Ring!
    There’s also Hitchcockwiki, where all these frames come from.
    I think you’re right re milk, and there’s also the connection with motherhood, which is often perverted in Hitchcock’s movies.

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