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Unusually enough, the subject of this week’s edition of The Forgotten can be watched, in its entirety, right above these words. Follow the link to read the article at The Auteurs’ Notebook and, as usual, please leave your responses over there. Chin chin.


Smoke and Fire

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We watched THE DEVIL AND DANIEL WEBSTER last night, with a tasty jug of Medford rum, in preparation for Film Club on Monday, and it certainly looks as if there’ll be plenty to say about it. One thing of interest was that this version (on the Masters of Cinema DVD) was about twenty minutes longer than the cut I’ve seen aired on Channel 4. So it was a first time for me, in a sense. Don’t know if the shorter version was the British release (it’s not a censorship job though), a re-release truncation for B-movie duty, or a relic from Leslie Halliwell’s tenure at Channel 4 — films were sometimes shortened for specific slots in those days, and Halliwell did not stint from butchering even his favourites (his praise of this movie may be what turned me on to it).

Anyway, one bit of good news is that the version on YouTube is the complete one.

I still want people to buy the DVD though, rather than watching it here. You can have one chapter, OK? Then you have to buy it. Actually, one advantage the short version has is it opens on Edward Arnold (8.58 into the chapter above!), and brings in Walter Huston almost immediately. And the film is alive in a special way when Huston’s around…

To reiterate for latecomers — on Monday we all meet up here and discuss the movie. Just like being down the pub.