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Look Before He Leaps

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Don’t forget The Forgotten — you have an appointment with Paul Douglas and his natty shirt over on a window ledge at The Auteurs’ Notebook. As usual, leave any comments over there.


The Fan

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Via Facebook:

“Mark Kermode suggested you become a fan of Mark Kermode…

Mark became a fan of Mark Kermode on Facebook and suggested you become a fan too.”

Much as I do admire the man for his ambitious rockabilly hair and for having a pet chicken named Elvis, I’m unsure how to take this. Maybe we should vote on whether we think he’s being humorous. My worry is, even if he’s being humorous, he still presumably want people to become fans. Which sort of kills the joke.

And anyway, it’s not as good a joke as claiming that THE EXORCIST is the greatest movie ever made.

(Now I feel mean. Kermode regularly does interviews onstage at Edinburgh Film Festival and he’s brilliant at it. There. Conscience assuaged, a bit.)