Naunton Wayne makes an understandable mistake.

“Sorry, old man, I thought this was the bathroom –”

Pause. Realisation.

“Extraordinary thing.”

From Carol Reed’s ’30s sexploitation shocker A GIRL MUST LIVE. More on this at a later time.

4 Responses to “Naunton Wayne makes an understandable mistake.”

  1. Just watched the girlfight clip from the same film. Wow. Young Lilli Palmer, what a dish. This one looks a doozy.

  2. I’ll post the girlfight later, it’s quite something. And the makers seem very aware of Lilli’s potential. Her opponent in the fight is the very Scottish Renee Houston, a singer who turned to playing comedy battleaxes in her later years.

  3. At least in her brief appearance here, Margaret Lockwood seems to’ve stepped out of something by Edward D. Wood.

  4. Maybe she’s just sulking at not being in on the catfight. The Wicked Lady would correct that oversight.

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