Edinburgh International Film Festival has kind of snuck up on me and BEGUN, so for the next week or so I’ll be mooching around, seeing films (including the first feature by occasional Shadowplayer Matt Hulse) and talking to the greats, near-greats and ingrates of the film biz. In the first category, Kirby Dick, whose OUTRAGE I’ll be seeing tomorrow and whom I hope to see in person shortly thereafter. Joe Dante is being interviewed on stage — I’m going to try and interview him offstage but have no clue if I’ll get within twenty feet of him — and veteran exploitation supremo Roger Corman is being retrospected. Edinburgh staged the first Corman tribute back in the ’70s, when Linda “Movie Brats” Myles was running the fest. 

Also screening is Lars “Von” Trier’s ANTICHRIST. I kind of want to see it, but it’s a hot ticket and I’d feel a little guilty occupying a seat that could be taken by someone who didn’t hate most of LVT’s films (apart from THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS) since The Kingdom

19 Responses to “EIFF…”

  1. Come on David. Antichrist is fantastic. Go see it.

  2. Question is, can I even get a ticket?

  3. Mike Chalmers Says:

    I didn’t know Matt had a feature in this year! I have something on that I cannot get out of so am rather upset – unless I could pull of a Flintstones?

  4. Oh you MUST do your very best to speak with Joe Dante, David! He’s not only an utterly unique filmmaking talent but one of the most erudite AND hilarious people I’ve ever met.

  5. david wingrove Says:

    You’re a step aherad of me when it comes to Lars von Trier…I hate THE KINGDOM too. I only sat through the wretched thing because I heard Udo Kier was in it – but the moment his character was born, it ended!!

  6. Mike — there will be a way! Maybe it’ll be in the best of the fest.

    Oh, I’ll try and mingle with Dante for sure, I just don’t know how easy it’ll be. Some guests hang around a lot, others are only in town briefly and are kind of sequestered. Sam Mendes bolted straight from his Q&A to the airport.

    Udo has a lot to do in series 2 of The Kingdom. But I doubt that you’ll be tempted, David.

  7. Chris B Says:

    You interview, I take pictures! Looking forward to next week’s barrage of filmic delights.

    Shall I book tickets for Antichrist online? There might be some left.

  8. Give it a try — maybe I can get one on the day if I get up early enough, but buy two if you can.

  9. Chris B Says:

    Two seats — reserved. Other tickets I’ll get whilst I’m there.

  10. Christopher Says:

    well..at least there’ll be some Corman films to watch!

  11. What film does the frame grab at the top come from?

  12. I think it’s The Masque of the Red Death. Definitely the lovely Hazel Court, anyhow.

  13. That’s Boris Karloff on the right, which makes it The Raven. Not even sure that one’s showing, but my heart’s in the right place.

    Good work, Chris B!

  14. Quoth the raven, nevermore! Bugger! I only saw that a few months ago too.

  15. Christopher Says:

    The Raven is hilarious….It was my intro to Jack Nicholson and I couldn’t believe that they’d let such a Dufus! be an actor..Lorre and Price are terrific and the dueling Scorcerers angle is a plus..”beeeeWAAAAArre!

  16. And Hazel Court is really up there with the best of them.

    Corman’s advice to Nicholson was “Just try and be as funny as the old guys,” but it somehow didn’t help. Maybe he’s trying too hard.

  17. Jack has a different sense of comic timing than Karloff and Lorre.

  18. True, and those guys are quite different from each other also. There’s a gulf in between them that would be hard to find a place in. In a way, Karloff’s professionalism versus Lorre’s discombobulated randomness is a bit like the Lorre-Greenstreet partnership, except that Lorre drove Karloff crazy by not knowing his lines.

  19. Christopher Says:

    Whatever..the offbeat humor seems to work well in this and i enjoy it ,Jack and all..as I did the Lorre-Price segment in Tales of terror and to a pretty large extent,Comedy of Terrors..

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