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The Nuclear Family

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Richard Lester’s 1969 post-atomic fantasia THE BED SITTING ROOM, new on DVD from the BFI, is reviewed as the latest entry in The Forgotten over at the Auteurs’ Notebook.

“The lion shall lie down with the lamb, and the goat give suck to the tiny bee.”



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Edinburgh International Film Festival has kind of snuck up on me and BEGUN, so for the next week or so I’ll be mooching around, seeing films (including the first feature by occasional Shadowplayer Matt Hulse) and talking to the greats, near-greats and ingrates of the film biz. In the first category, Kirby Dick, whose OUTRAGE I’ll be seeing tomorrow and whom I hope to see in person shortly thereafter. Joe Dante is being interviewed on stage — I’m going to try and interview him offstage but have no clue if I’ll get within twenty feet of him — and veteran exploitation supremo Roger Corman is being retrospected. Edinburgh staged the first Corman tribute back in the ’70s, when Linda “Movie Brats” Myles was running the fest. 

Also screening is Lars “Von” Trier’s ANTICHRIST. I kind of want to see it, but it’s a hot ticket and I’d feel a little guilty occupying a seat that could be taken by someone who didn’t hate most of LVT’s films (apart from THE FIVE OBSTRUCTIONS) since The Kingdom