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Send in the Sex Nazis!

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Homoerotic torture porn from BERLIN CORRESPONDENT. Martin Kosleck, the guy playing the Goebbels lookalike (a sort of goebbelganger, if you will) is very good. Dana Andrews is the hero, looking oddly sleazy in unsuitable face-fuzz and brilliantine. Virginia Gilmore as the heroine is a dead ringer for a blonde Jane Greer.

An acceptable time-waster, the film loses out through having no real connection to Germany and the evils of Nazism except through comic-book imagery like the above. I’d probably have accepted that as par for the course in Hollywood filmmaking (frinstance the bad guys in THE GREAT DICTATOR seem like gangster-stooge cut-outs) if I hadn’t seen films like THIS LAND IS OURS MINE and THE MORTAL STORM, which show that Hollywood filmmakers were at times quite capable of depicting the human face of evil in a way that convinces, even if they didn’t yet have access to the information about just how appalling things in the Third Reich had become.

In the light of our recent burning question — “Is Tintin gay?” (see comments section, here) — it might be instructive to ponder the above image and ask, Just how homoerotic did the makers intend it to be, and to what end? Before you reach a firm conclusion, I direct you to the fact that, even in strict accordance with regulations, it is not actually necessary for both guard/torturers to keep their caps on.