Towards a Hitchcock Desk Calendar


One (1).


Four (4)


Five (5)


Six (6).


Ten (10).


Eleven (11).


Twelve (12).


Thirteen (13).


Fifteen (15).


Seventeen (17).


Twenty-two (22).


Twenty-nine (29).

You get the idea. I could do this. I could reproduce 31 frame-grabs of 31 frames of Hitchcock films, with the numbers 1-31 appearing in them. Then you could print them all out twelve times, and stick them together, and you’d have a desk calendar. Brilliant!


6 Responses to “Towards a Hitchcock Desk Calendar”

  1. kevin mummery Says:

    Time weighs heavily on our hands sometimes, doesn’t it?

  2. And when it does, what you need is a Hitchcock Desk Calendar, available from all good retailers.

  3. kevin mummery Says:

    Touche! I wonder if it’s possible to do this with the films of Fritz Lang…have to re-watch my Lang collection to find out.

  4. Peter Greenaway would be a doddle. And you’d only need to use one movie.

  5. I DO WANT this desk Calendar!!

    Oh so badly ;D

  6. Confession: I’m not 100% you can source all those numbers in Hitchcock’s films. Frustratingly, his hotel rooms all have bigger numbers on their doors, and the single digit ones are particularly tricky. But I’m going to keep a look-out.

    Interestingly, Hitch seemed to have a fondness for the number 13, which was after all the title of his first, uncompleted short.

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