Streets full of water, please advise


New York after the rain.

Actually, the deluge has ended, and now the ripples distorting the skyline are those of heat haze. I’ve been sweating like Sweaty Betty the Serengeti yeti. Returning to my digs, I’ve just wrung out my skin and put on a clean one. (Biologists insist that the Scots shed their skins, but this is not strictly true — we may slough our skins, but the true thrifty Scot never sheds anything. Our old skins are carefully stored on coat hangers and used to wrap haggis.)

Two Duviviers today, of which more later, I hope. LE TOURBILLON DE PARIS (THE WHIRLWIND OF PARIS) contained a striking intertitle, “This is our last dance, Jean. I’m leaving for Scotland tomorrow,” which struck me as magnificently apt. If I’d had more presence of mind I might have tried to grab a photo of it. But tomorrow’s Intertitle of the Week is even more appropriate, and applies to everybody, not just me.

8 Responses to “Streets full of water, please advise”

  1. Hey David,
    Just a quick word to let you know that I’m back home comfortably ensconced in my Detroit apartment with my girls Pippy (a ginger tabby) and Punkin (a chubby neurotic calico) lounging nearby, they’re as happy to see me as I am to see them. I plan on leaving a couple more comments on your recent posts, but first I’ll need to recharge my batteries with a good night’s sleep. Hope you enjoy the rest of your visit here in the States, it was a pleasure to have had the opportunity to share the viewing of not one but three Duvivier films with you, and isn’t it great that LA BANDERA was free! By not having to pay ten dollars for the film I shaved ten dollars off the copy of Powell’s A Life in Movies that I bought at the Strand bookstore (so happy that I found it, hardcover with dust jacket, for $12.50 before NY sales tax. Everyone else wants an arm and a leg for it).

  2. So glad you managed to get that book, it’s a terrific read. The fact that Powell fictionalises is really a bonus, it’s like seeing another movie by the great man.

    Was great meeting you! The first reader I’ve met!

    Looking forward to seeing my cat again. I wonder if she’ll know me?

  3. By having seen some of Powell’s films before reading the book, you get to visualize some of the text in Technicolor, which is an added plus. For someone to try and read his memoirs without having seen the films I can imagine that it’s just not the same, black and white or color.

  4. They could colorize Capra’s autobiography.

  5. Fiona W Says:

    Looking forward to seeing the cat? What about me?!

  6. Oh, that’s none of the readers’ business!

  7. DCairns is ( hopefully ) now loitering around JFK with a bright pink scalp and a tummy full of raw fish.
    We didn’t break him.

  8. I am now home, slightly less sun-burned, and ready for sleep. Unfortunately it’s 9.30 am.

    American sushi is BIG.

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