Intertitle of the Week: May 10th


The first image after the titles of SECRET AGENT. Seemed too apt not to mention, since today is intertitle day, and May 10th.

On Saturday I encountered an intertitle, or actually a sort of subtitle (Duvivier practically invents the subtitle in his silent melodrama LE TOURBILLON DE PARIS) which read “Tomorrow I return to Scotland,” which seemed like a personal message from Julien Duvivier to me, across eighty-two years.

Cheers, JD!

Guess this is my last post from the US, I’ll be back on Scottish soil Monday, expect more then!

16 Responses to “Intertitle of the Week: May 10th”

  1. No Sondheim sighting?

  2. Alas no — I’m not around for his favourite, which he’s going to be introducing. Guy spotted a movie actor in the street, but couldn’t remember his name, and I saw literary critic John Carey in a bookshop.

    And I met the Self-Styled Siren!

  3. Well there’s a major celeb!

  4. Indeed! Much more excited to meet her than some songwriter guy. ;)

  5. The actor I spotted began his career as a youth in the ’80s, but as an adult he’s played mostly unsympathetic types. A handsome guy, but as I said to DC, he’s surprisingly a somewhat small man. A very familiar face in films and TV, he had on shades and didn’t seem too eager to be recognized.

  6. was it judd nelson?

  7. Arthur S. Says:

    What’s the real-life Siren like?

  8. Not Judd. This guy has sort of sandy-colored hair, Judd’s is darker, plus JN has those flared nostrils. But he’s originally from that era. Damn I wish I could figure out what I’ve seen him in, since I know he’s popped up in a lot of things. I’ve seen him more than once where he’s played the weaselly scoundrel sort, he’s been sort of typecast in those roles.

  9. Figured it out: Andrew McCarthy.

  10. Wow! If I was going to bug him, I would probably have asked him about Chabrol. But I wouldn’t want to bug him.

  11. The real-life Siren is… everything you’d want her to be!

  12. I’ve always found Andrew McCarthy.. . .hot.

    And speaking of heat (of a very different kind) here’s my Latest FaBlog: The Structuring Absence of Armond White

  13. Born in New Jersey, sometimes appearing in Broadway and off-Broadway productions, McCarthy’s been in more than a few episodes of Law & Order, which tells me he may still be based in the Jersey/NYC area.

  14. Kirby Dick’s film is playing at the Edinburgh Film Festival in June, where I hope to be able to review it in slightly more lucid terms than Mr White. Great piece, David.

  15. Merci. I trust Kirby will be there with the film. he’s quite a fascianting character. All his documentaries are on unique subjects — everything from the MPAA to Jacques Derrida.

  16. Yeah, he has a real knack for picking a story. And what he found out about the MPAA — my God!

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