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Signs and Meaning in Cinema

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With apologies to If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger, and Peter Wollen.

Wanted to like IDIOCRACY, even though the story concept (dumb-asses outbreed normal intellects, dumbing down America into a futuristic stutopia) smacks of eugenics. It was still a nice idea for a movie, and there are some good gags in it, just not enough. Mike Judge can’t really tell a story with the camera, and there’s this voice-over slathered on everything to explain what’s going on, which is pretty ironic in a movie satirizing stupidity.

It does deliver some good laughs, but I prefer OFFICE SPACE. Somehow the size of this one maybe swamped Judge’s ability to deal with the story and characters. But Frito, played by Dax Shepherd, is a very good idiot.

How to Seduce Joan Fontaine #30982

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As seen particularly in BLONDE CHEAT, but it pretty much always works.