Terry Gilliam’s vision of an airport is a lot more beautiful than the reality. Well, I’m about to leave the house, flying off in a few hours — wish me luck. Especially with the “leaving the house” part. Argh — sunlight!

10 Responses to “Airport”

  1. Don’t get caught up in any streetcorner shell games down by the Port Authority Bus Station. Don’t laugh – that actually happened to a friend of mine. He was the stereotypical rube and got took for all his dough. Don’t be a rube, David! And have fun.

  2. dcairns Says:

    I have a superstitious fear of that place after reading a Joseph Heller novel where it stands for hell. But I’ve been there a couple times and it wasn’t QUITE so bad. A relic of the grungy NYC of the Taking of Pelham 123 era, perhaps.

  3. I saw Duvivier’s UN CARNET DE BAL for the first time. What a brilliant film. On the basis of just one viewing I feel like including it in my top ten all time favourite films.

  4. David, I forgot to wish you a BON VOYAGE.

  5. Christopher Says:

    one of the best things to do in NY is just walk around and look at the old buildings and imagine the history behind them..Buildings such as THIS!!

  6. dcairns Says:

    Well, I’m here! Tiiiiiiiiiired, but safe. Have been staying up late recently in order to meet America halfway. Watched Frost/Nixon and Milk on plane, so feel even more timewarped than normal.

    Might investigate chez Marx this time, or take a walking tour.

  7. Tony Williams Says:

    Enjoy your visit, David.

  8. Thank you! I didn’t get your DVDs mailed yet but I have them with me, so if I’m super-organised I might get the posted from within the US…

  9. Tony Williams Says:

    David, That’s OK. Just enjoy your time over here. I have plenty of other items to see and finals week begins tomorrow afternoon with grading papers from my Ford and Archers classes. I’m expecting some really good things from the lalter.

  10. Seems like the Archers should certainly inspire some good thinking. Pretty much the definition of inspirational cinema.

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