This is a photo by my friend Alison, currently engaged in top secret film work in Eastern Europe. My God that sounds mysterious — and it is! A heavy iron curtain of secrecy hangs between us, so that she cannot reveal anything about the movie. I’m occasionally in a position to bring you “exclusives,” thanks to my friends in the industry, but then generally I can’t because I want to keep my friends. In this case, Ali is sworn to silence by an oath equivalent to that taken by the Freemasons.

Instead, here’s a plug for my friend Sam’s webshow, MOONGAL VERSUS AQUALASS, which is finished and online and therefore safe to talk about. Sam is like a cottage industry, churning out imaginative and cost-efficient “product” to feed the voracious cell phones and computers of the planet. His small-scale set-up reminds me of the early film pioneers like Melies, only he’s very much a modern digital wizard. Check out his latest brain-madness.


2 Responses to “Moonshadows”

  1. Off-topic: I’ve got the Olive-Lanchester pic ready. tell me where I can send it.

  2. Just emailed you, thanks!

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