Big City


Off to New York tomorrow morning, leaving the small city of Edinburgh for the big city, or “apple”, as you quaintly call it.


“The thrill of the unusual” — that’s what I’m looking for, baby! Will report from the big city-apple upon arrival.

Images from the marvelous little animated trailer for THE BIG CITY which is included as an extra on Kino’s DVD of THE PENALTY, which is likely to feature in an “Intertitle of the Week” post here soon, because it’s great.

11 Responses to “Big City”

  1. Arthur S. Says:

    NEW YORK, NEW YORK, it’s a wonderful town…

    Do take pictures.

  2. Christopher Says:

    have a safe trip..Enjoy it!..and look out for giant gorillas,singing and dancing sailors!. and don’t talk to no screwy dames!

  3. I’m bringing my digital camera so hope to snap something of interest.

  4. And stay out of flophouses where the tenants cook in their rooms.

  5. You too, and I’ll see you in a few days.

  6. You most certainly will.

  7. So good they named it once, then gave the same name to the surrounding area.

  8. Christopher Says:

    Thats the spirit! it!..makes me wanna go now!

  9. dcairns Says:

    It was exactly like that, only with more disorientation and aimless wandering. Settled in now, starting to feel like I’ve landed, SOMEWHERE.

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