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Big City

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Off to New York tomorrow morning, leaving the small city of Edinburgh for the big city, or “apple”, as you quaintly call it.


“The thrill of the unusual” — that’s what I’m looking for, baby! Will report from the big city-apple upon arrival.

Images from the marvelous little animated trailer for THE BIG CITY which is included as an extra on Kino’s DVD of THE PENALTY, which is likely to feature in an “Intertitle of the Week” post here soon, because it’s great.


Posted in FILM with tags , , on May 1, 2009 by dcairns


This is a photo by my friend Alison, currently engaged in top secret film work in Eastern Europe. My God that sounds mysterious — and it is! A heavy iron curtain of secrecy hangs between us, so that she cannot reveal anything about the movie. I’m occasionally in a position to bring you “exclusives,” thanks to my friends in the industry, but then generally I can’t because I want to keep my friends. In this case, Ali is sworn to silence by an oath equivalent to that taken by the Freemasons.

Instead, here’s a plug for my friend Sam’s webshow, MOONGAL VERSUS AQUALASS, which is finished and online and therefore safe to talk about. Sam is like a cottage industry, churning out imaginative and cost-efficient “product” to feed the voracious cell phones and computers of the planet. His small-scale set-up reminds me of the early film pioneers like Melies, only he’s very much a modern digital wizard. Check out his latest brain-madness.