N.Y.C. (New York Colossus)


“America! I am coming to conquer you!” ~ Charles Chaplin.

Yes! Thanks to the concerted efforts of sympathetic persons, I am off to New York to see a bit of the Duvivier retrospective at MOMA. I’ll be leaving on the 2nd of May. Blogging will continue from Metropolis. I’ll be writing about the Duviviers here and at the Auteurs’ Notebook, and anywhere else that’ll have me.

Thanks are due to ~

Paul Duane for the flight.

Noe Mendell for the time off work.

Daniel Kasman and MOMA for the movie tickets.

Comrade K for the proverbial Couch in New York. 

Hope to meet a few old friends and some new ones while I’m there, so if you’re a reader and you want to glut your soul upon my accursed ugliness, by all means declare yourself. “It’s going to be fun!”

10 Responses to “N.Y.C. (New York Colossus)”

  1. Well, hallelujah Mr. Cairns. You’ll have to email me with your ETA and ETD so we can possibly hook up. I knew you could do it!

  2. Somehow I’m picturing you like Peter Lorre at the beginning of Face Behind The Mask, the immigrant who arrives here in America. What do you think? Am I too far off the mark?

  3. Christopher Says:

    Its the great learned Jeremy again!…the Colossus of RHODES!
    If you see a broadway show ,you should check out The 39 Steps…supposed to be a big hit..and don’t forget to stop by the Soup Nazi!

  4. Enjoy your trip, and don’t forget to give that package I sent you to Meester Mendoza at the chicken stand on 53rd and 3rd. But DON’T LOOK INSIDE IT.

  5. David, hope you have a great time in the Big Apple. I was looking at the MoMa Duvivier programme, and unless I am mistaken, they don’t seem to be screening La charrette fantôme.

  6. Yes, I’m very much the Innocent Abroad, picture me as a wide-eyed Hungarian puppydog.

    39 Steps would be absurdly appropriate, since I’ll just have looked at the movie. Dunno if my budget will stretch though.

    Meester Mendoza will get his package as long as he has the microfilm I was promised.

    The MoMA prog omits several interesting Duviviers, for space reasons, including both his supernatural remakes (the other being Le Golem). But what’s showing is plenty good. I’ll be blogging about another omitted Duvivier soon.

  7. Be sure to buttonhole Sondheim if you have the chance, and get his thoughts on Duvivier. La Fin du Jour would make a great musical.

  8. Good thought! At first I wondered how plausible the idea was, then I realised he may well be at some of the screenings.

  9. So what you planning to see, so I can get me some tickets.

  10. I’ll be attending:

    Sun 3rd
    5:30 Poil de carotte. 1932.

    Monday, May 4
    4:30 Poil de carotte. 1925. (See Sunday, May 3, 2:30.)
    8:00 Allo Berlin? Ici Paris! 1932. (See Saturday, May 2, 1:30.)

    Wednesday, May 6
    4:30 La Tête d’un homme. 1933.

    Thursday, May 7
    4:30 La Belle Équipe. 1936. France.

    Friday, May 8
    4:30 La Bandera.

    Saturday, May 9
    1:30 David Golder.
    5:00 Le Tourbillon de Paris.

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