Heads I Win


The Head Who Knew Too Much.

Here he is, by popular demand — the INNER SANCTUM head! He pops up at the start of the movie — I guess he was just a voice on the original radio show, but now he’s been partially encorpsified (the budget would stretch to a full-body reincarnation), introducing some CAT PEOPLE rip-off with Lon Chaney Jnr. as a college professor bringing back a jungle wife who does voodoo, or something.

And all I can think of is, I’d enjoy this much more if the INNER SANCTUM head had Lon Chaney’s part. As a college professor, he’s a wow with the students, who hang riveted on his every mysteriously echoing word, but as a husband? How can he satisfy his jungle wife, when he’s not only a head without a body, but encased in glass? “I need a man, not a marble!” she cries, frustrated.

A searing social drama, ripped from tomorrow’s headlines, cut and pasted together as a surreal blackmail note — “$5001 Or DA head GETS IT!”

10 Responses to “Heads I Win”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I got the Inner Sanctum set for Christmas and watched them all in a little over a week..I must say I ejoyed them much more than when I was a kid and felt cheated that there were no universal monster types to be seen..Its the Universal contract ladies that are the big ticket in most of these..”Weird Woman” is ok..but my faves are “Calling Dr. Death”with Ramsey Ames and Patricia Morison(the music box villianess in the Holme’s Dressed to Kill)and “Dead Man’s Eyes”featuring Acquanetta,with clothes on..

  2. Wow, he looks great. I like that he has these elongated, putty-like features. You know, the thought crossed my mind earlier today, it would be interesting to try and dredge up all the films and TV shows out there that featured disembodied heads, from Michel Simon in THE HEAD to that head in the globe in INVADERS FROM MARS, the one with the tentacles beneath it, to… well, you get the idea. A cavalcade of cranial activity.

  3. Christopher Says:

    don’t forget those glorious Indonesian “flying Heads”…Mystics in Bali,The Queen of Black Magic

  4. Paul Murphy Says:

    Remember that Wierd Woman. the CatP ripoff of which you speak, is based on the same novel as BURN WITCH BURN. BWB is better on the whole, but lacks a disembodied head to introduce the story.

  5. kevin mummery Says:

    Just think how many other films could have been improved with the addition of a Floating Head Of Exposition. Instead of “breaking the fourth wall”, THAT tired old cliche, a Floating Head Of Exposition could lurk subtly over an actor’s shoulder, throwing out the occasional wisecrack or commentary on the action so far, in case the viewer wasn’t up to the task of paying attention to the narrative or the actors were insufficiently good to convey whatever was happening on screen. I wonder why no film director ever thought to use this device, instead of the voice over so common in film up to about 1955?

  6. We mustn’t forget this, non-Holmsian example of Morison’s talents:

    (That’s Morison in the Kathryn Grayson role and Alfred Drake in the Howard Keel role, of course.)

  7. Burn Witch Burn is great until the ending, best film Sid Hayers ever made for sure. And you don’t need a floating head when you have Peter Wyngarde.

    The floating head who sings Broadway Melody is my favourite, but Oz the Great and powerful is up there. And to think, Arthur Frame is the most recent good example I can think of, from Zardoz.

  8. Thanks for the brilliant rarity, Chris! A pity the Inner Sanctums weren’t more musical. A floating head plus songs, and you’d be halfway to a good movie regardless of plot, or how many clothes Acquanetta had on.

  9. Christopher Says:

    yes!..thanks for that Clip!..Her stage version of Kiss Me Kate is probably her biggest claim to fame..I’ve thought that Morison was better than a B-movie actress..but then thats part of what adds to her mystique..PLUS..she was said to have the longest hair in hollywood..never cutting it..always piled on her head as is evidenced in her films..Watched her just the other night in Tarzan and the Huntress! :o))


  10. There were quite a few B-movie stars who deserved better. And there are still a few today. It depresses me when I look at some of the more anemic A-listers we’re stuck with.

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