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Intertitle/thing of the Week

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Is it an intertitle? But it comes right at the start of the film, just after the director’s credit… it hasn’t got anything to be “inter”. And it’s superimposed over action, so it’s not so much “inter” as “super”. Is it a “crawl”? It’s equivalent to those texts that go up the screen telling us about Saxons or Romans or replicants or rebel alliances. But this one’s not going anywhere. It seems to be dragging the concept of the crawl back towards its beginnings in intertitledom. But not all the way back.

Certainly if this information appeared at the start of a silent movie, it’d be unambiguously an intertitle. And they didn’t do crawls in those days — if a story couldn’t be told without an army of text marching in formation up the screen, bearing historical background on its shoulders, well then, that story wasn’t worth telling.

Apologies for the rambling, but I noticed that just about everything I’m writing about this week revolves around the Hitchcock film I’m doing on Wednesday, THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, so I’ve decided to go with that as a theme. So it seemed worth referring to the remake, made 22 years after the first, also called THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, from which this image comes. My other posts will zoom hither and yon following up people and ideas from what a lot of people, including Hitch, saw as Hitchcock’s comeback movie. One discovery I can share right now — watched alongside THE 39 STEPS, the ’30s MAN WHO suffers by comparison — inferior in structure, casting, wit, and dramatic situations. Watched after his preceding films, it does look like a breakthrough, and is a very intriguing entertainment: emotionally, politically, technically.

Tinhead 2

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Regular Shadowplayer Alex just sent me this:


A THEY CAME FROM BEYOND SPACE type brain helmet, modeled by Alex himself.

I am impressed.