That’s Japanese for “Clue”, or at least I think it is. Anyhow, what film is this, and exactly how transcendental is its style?




13 Responses to “Tegakari”

  1. is it branded to kill?

    is it sixty five percent transcendental?

  2. oops – it’s in colour

    i stand by the second guess though

  3. The second guess might be a little high.

  4. sixty five percent untranscendental then

    but i still maintain it is in colour

  5. Oh yes, it’s in colour alright.

  6. I’ll go with one of the Jess Franco/Harry Alan Towers Fu Manchu movies, and say that it’s three per cent transcendental.

  7. Talk of the transcendental reminds me of Paul Schrader’s great book Transcendental Style In Film, with its great discussion of Ozu, Bresson and Dreyer.

  8. Paul, that would be a good estimate if you were right on the title, but I think you’ll find the details are Japanese rather than Chinese, and authentic rather than rubbish.

    Peter, you have almost fallen into my trap! By all means proceed!

  9. David, a friend in the US was asking me only the other day if I had read the Schrader book. I told him I had. It was a goodly number of years ago that I read it, but I recall being totally entranced by the book. In truth, I would need to reread it again in order to do it the kind of justice it deserves. It’s certainly one of the best film books I have ever read. Have you read it?

    Here’s a favourite Leonard Cohen song. Here’s hoping to are able to hear it!

  10. Great song! I like Laughin’ Len’s description of how his voice goes well with a female one: “A certain dismal quality is neutralised.” Modest fellow.

    I can’t say I’ve read the whole of the Schrader. Current thinking seems to have moved slightly away from his interp of Ozu, with David Bordwell’s more formalist approach seeming to chime more precisely with what we see on screen, as well as with Ozu’s own pronouncements on his work (although we can’t entirely trust those: the man was probably drunk).

    Anyhow — what’s this film? I’ll accept two more guesses before answering.

  11. Yes, Lenny is a truly humble man. I saw him in a great open air concert in Dublin last year. One of the best concert experiences ever. I hope to see him again in concert later this year.

    Re your mystery film, it certainly has the “look” of Ozu. Perhaps even one of my favourite Ozu films, Autumn Afternoon? That lovely melancholic feel might also mean it is a Takeshi Kitano. Then again, it might also be something by another favourite director, the wonderful Hou Hsiao-Hsien.

  12. Ahh, it’s on the tip of my tongue… that SANS SOLEIL cat is there!! Argh! Damn you, Cairns, damn you to hell!!! :)

  13. OK, that’s plenty! It was an impossible one, really. I was amused while watching the film that, although it was a cheesy sci-fi nonsense, it takes place in the world of late Ozu, that early 60s Japan of soft colour, bars and railways platforms.

    I’ll post the piece now.

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