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The Long, Funny Walk

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The latest edition of THE FORGOTTEN is up at The Auteurs’ Notebook. A capital-punishment themed comedy? I’m actually surprised there aren’t more of those. 

As usual, leave your sensible comments over at the Auteurs. But feel free to gossip and trade nonsense over here.

The 7 Wonders of the Pre-Code World: 3

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Maurice Chevalier’s secretaries.


Does Maurice Chevalier really NEED so many secretaries? Of course he does — he’s Maurice Chevalier! And do their secretarial dresses really need to be backless? Yes, they do. He’s Maurice Chevalier!

From FOLIES BERGERE, a 20th Century Fox musical comedy that makes a pretty good job of impersonating the Busby Berkeley style:



Girls in stockings with umbrellas dancing on lightning bolts. It’s a visual treat and a health and safety nightmare.


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