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The Seven Wonders of the Pre-Code World #1

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Sterling Holloway’s face.


Fwoarr! You don’t see architecture like that on top of modern people’s necks. Only in the days before the Hays Code could a man brazenly parade such features about in daylight (never mind that Holloway had a career stretching into the ’80s — who’s writing this?). Sissies, dweebs and weirdos were Sterling’s stock-in-trade. “Go’way, Spook, you bother me,” observed Bing Crosby. After censorship got tightened, chief censor Joseph Breen himself sentenced Holloway to life as a variety of cartoon animals (stork, snake, bear — never the same phylum twice). But now the straitjacket of moral censoriousness has been cast off, we can sing the praises of this great American countenance.

His sinews were noodles.

His hair was a poodle’s.

But you could hurl that doll away

If you had Sterling Holloway!