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Ever since watching FIEND WITHOUT A FACE I’ve been unhealthily obsessed with Kim Parker, and since she isn’t in many other movies, there’s nothing I can do with this obsession except post a sexy picture of her for no reason. I found this on one or other of the internets, but now I can’t find it again. Fortunately I saved the pic so I know it wasn’t just a wonderful dream.

Fiona remarked on Kim’s “intelligent quality,” which is no doubt what interests me. Her face moves about, seemingly motivated by spontaneous eruptions of emotion and intellect, unlike everybody else in FWAF. Her body moves about too, which I couldn’t help noticing, repeatedly.

The Kim Parker oeuvre:

FIRE MAIDENS FROM OUTER SPACE is an offering from Billy Wilder’s brother, William (curious lack of imagination from the Wilder parents), hence no doubt terrible beyond words. Kim is way down the cast, but does have a foxy outfit.

THE GOOD COMPANIONS is by J. Lee Thompson, so may be of some merit. Kim plays one of the Three Graces, along with Shirley Anne Field — a small and possibly non-speaking part, but the costuming has possibilities.

In her other role, Kim was a maid or secretary, or a “Sinhalese girl”, so I don’t think there’s much hope there. She’s great in FIEND WITHOUT A FACE, but somehow nobody noticed, or else she found better things to do — her last film role was a bit-part the following year.

We Are Not Alone

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A barely-formed Glenn Erickson, of the mighty and indispensible DVDSavant, working in the model shop of CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE THIRD KIND. Glenn has been incredibly nice about spreading the word about Shadowplay via his powerful organ, boosting my stats to undreamed-of levels, for which I’m enormously grateful.

For Spielberg-heads (and you know, I still love quite a few of those films from my youth), Glenn has written excellent insider’s-view articles of CE3K and 1941. Check ’em out.

And via TV genius Graham Linehan’s Why That’s Delightful, where he condenses the internet into manageable form, we get news of the e-publication of the story conference notes taken when George Lucas, Steven Spielberg and Larry Kasdan first got together to talk about Lucas and Philip Kaufman’s story idea for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK. Well worth checking out, for fans and foes alike. Haters will find much to sneer at as the moguls talk nonsense, embrace cliche, expose the covert racism of the INDIANA JONES series to the light of day, and posit Indie as a paedophile who may have seduced Marian (Karen Allen, eventually) at the age of 11 (Lucas seems particularly keen on this idea). Admirers will meanwhile gawp in wonder as a legend takes shape, and gain valuable insight into the exact contributions of the various talents involved — Lucas: production mechanics and commercial gameplan– Kasdan: character nuance — Spielberg: understanding that it’s a theme park ride in episodic narrative form. The absent Kaufman’s contribution seems to be the overall narrative shape and the biblical MacGuffin. As you can surmise, I have a rather schizoid attitude to the whole thing: my inner 13-year-old still loves the first movie, and my mor “adult” side appreciates the craft and artistry that’s gone into it.

I remember a very illuminating Kasdan interview from the time, where he listed the things he mentioned stuff that didn’t make the final cut — most of which is included here, and all of which got recycled in the sequels. Kasdan also talked about scenes he never quite cracked, which was fascinating — armed with this knowledge, you could see where Spielberg’s presentation skills were covering up script problems. I think the interview ran in Starlog or something, I wonder if anyone can find it.