Turkish Original

Are there two more exciting words in any language than “Turkish remake”? I know, I know, I said that about the words “Admiral’s Pie”, but LOOK ~

BADI, the Turkish ET is a fine example. The little fellow looks like an ambulatory bolus of compacted faeces. How adorable.

But stifle your disappointment with the pillow of hope, for this is not a post about Turkish remakes, but about a Turkish original. The story appears in the latest Fortean Times, that the mayor of the Turkish town of Batman is suing Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers for stealing the name of his town.

I like this story.

But I like the idea of a town called Batman even more. Why think, if I moved there, my address could be something like ~

David Cairns,

43 Sevastopol Terrace,


Although I suppose it could get tiresome. If somebody said, “Where do you live?” and I said, “Batman,” they would be almost certain to respond, “No, where do you live?”

I wonder if Batman is twinned with Robin, Iowa?

21 Responses to “Turkish Original”

  1. I’m going to try and get the full version of Turkish ET, it looks like a (WAIT FOR IT) Turkish Delight. Seriously though, if I can find it, it will be a fine addition to bad film club (tonight is Steel Dawn starring Patrick Swayze).

  2. Man, this clip is way too brief. Mom’s flannel jammies, what a nice touch. Definitely looks to be a hoot, the sound is very bizarre. BADI looks a baddie, but delicious in its badness. Wonder what the MST3K guys would’ve done with this? I’m thinking they’d’ve had a field day.

  3. They probably couldn’t even have shown it, it’s so obviously in violation of Spielberg’s copyright. He has the rights to all shrivelled little alien abominations, doesn’t he?

    Never seen Steel Dawn, but Red Dawn is something else. Somebody recently made a case for it being deliberately comical, but I think that takes all the fun out of it.

  4. rebeccca4853 Says:

    Steel Dawn is one of my favourite films.
    The balletic fight sequences are awsome.
    And the message that people will fight over water was ahead of its time.

  5. I want to do a movie where people fight over cake mix. That’d REALLY be ahead of the curve.

    I never quite saw why fight scenes should be balletic. Does it mean that they just failed to disguise the fact that they’re choreographed by an arranger? If somebody did a ballet that was “rowdy,” would that be good?

    Still, I’ll watch out for it — maybe Mike can do me a copy.

  6. And here’s South African E.T. “Nukie!” with the lovely Glynis Johns

    You’d think filmmakers could make their family-friendly aliens a little less…nauseating.

    but worse than Badi and Nukie, most damned of all in the halls of Cinema….The MacDonald’s funded ET “Mac” –

    Was ET that much of a delicate balance to pull off?

  7. One thing that’s kind of good about ET is that he’s not too overtly cute. He’s not an Ewok. So I guess I can see what the rip-off artists are aiming for. But jeez, Badi has essentially NO FACE, like the Alien. And Nukie looks like a naked and decomposing Burgess Meredith. Not family viewing! The Kenneth Williams lookalike alien from The Corbomite Manoevre is better looking.

  8. rebeccca4853 Says:

    To elaborate on Steel Dawn…the fights are balletic because Patrick Swayze used his experience as a principal dancer of classical ballet combined with his gymnastic and martial arts skils. A great fighter, then and now.

  9. That’s true, I was forgetting his dance skills. I never saw Road House, I guess he gets to show off his moves in that?

  10. rebeccca4853 Says:

    Road House is my FAVOURITE film. Along with other fans of this cult film, I can watch it over and over again.
    Great fights, humour, some of the best quotes of all time and a superb sound track by the Jeff Healey Band.
    The Best Worst film of all time or the Best Film of all time? I think it is one of the best. : it is a cult classic.

  11. I always figured it probably stands in relation to the 40s Road House the way Against All Odds compares to Out of the Past. I have the 40s one lined up to watch soon, maybe I’ll try out the Swayze afterwards.

  12. @ JS: Thanks for reminding me of Mac and Me! I have seen this once but in my head it was just ET, distorted by a dream I had. I have spent the last 15years believing I imagined the scenes in this film. I’m now not sure whether to watch it for nostalgia purposes or write it off (which would probably be healthier).

    @ Rebecca4853 Thanks for elaborating on Steel Dawn, the tv broke at bad film club before we could watch and I’m not sure I can watch it on my own.

  13. Seems like one you might need team support for, to get you into the right spirit.

    There’s a really horrible ET rip-off that the Independence Day ****wits made early in their career, about a ghost. ET meets Casper, I guess. Vile.

  14. The Swayze Road House couldn’t be less like the Widmark/Lupino one, though they’re both favourites of mine (I think I’ve seen each of them at least five times). The Swayze is simply preposterously good fun, with added Sam Elliott for extra flavour. The Negulesco film is beyond hysteria and off the scale into being one of the great fever-dreams of the noir era, though its silliness (a bowling alley/jazz bar combo? Where everybody, just everybody, is knocked sideways by Lupino’s, er, idiosyncratic way with a song? And – and – oh, you get the idea) stops it from being a Gilda or a Gun Crazy, still, it’s great second-string stuff. You really need both in your collection.

  15. Well, I’ll start with Negulesco. He’s quite an intriguing director. His episode of O Henry’s Full House features some extraordinary unmotivated camera lurches — he’s definitely trying to achieve something, but God knows what it is. And Humoresque is a scream.

  16. Yay! Ghost Chase

    I’d call it the German ET but it’s trying so damn hard to be a tacky Hollywood picture (it’s alternative title “Hollywood Monster”) you can’t even give it that.
    Now was there a British ET?….Chocky?

    or Alan Moore’s Skizz?

    @Mike Chambers- Trust me here, You need BOTH friends and booze to watch a movie as bad as “Mac”. Just friends and they will simply disown you, just alcohol and you may die…

  17. Chocky is somewhat different. Skizz is certainly the comic-book version, and quite good, considering. Alan Moore feels rather guilty, not for ripping off ET (which he hadn’t seen) but for ripping off Alan Bleasdale’s social realist comedy The Boys from the Black Stuff.

    Britain’s only cinematic response was the tacky Xtro, which mingles ET with Alien and is just horrid.

  18. @js. I don’t know. I can cope with Disney Original “Skate” so I’m sure I’d get through.

    Got round to watching Steel Dawn. Not as bad as I had hoped really.


  19. Crap I meant Brink not Skate.

  20. OK. I am a turkish girl and BADİ is just popular among the young people who are interested in movies, slashers or B films, etc. And yes! we are proud of them! Because they are soooo fun and funny. If you ar interested these kinda stuff, search ‘cuneyt arkin’ or ‘ malkocoglu’. They are the series of The man who save the world (Dünyayı kurtaran adam in Turkish) and Malkoçoğlu is an original Turkish hero!!!
    Have fun!

  21. Thanks! Look forward to seeing Malky in action.

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