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Les Auteurs Sans Chemise

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Serge Gainsbourg does his bit for equality.

Still haven’t watched any of Serge’s cinematic works, but I have one or two lined up. He might qualify for The Forgotten… I mean, everybody knows who he is, but only lately have I heard of anybody who takes him seriously as a filmmaker. The idea that in addition to his musical genius and impressive debauchery he was also an ace filmmaker is an appealing one.

And I certainly like the idea of movies with Gainsbourg scores. I think I’d like most of the films I don’t like a whole lot better if they had Gainsbourg soundtracks. Might not work for WATCHMEN, but what the hell, try it! Something’s gotta work!

Turkish Original

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Are there two more exciting words in any language than “Turkish remake”? I know, I know, I said that about the words “Admiral’s Pie”, but LOOK ~

BADI, the Turkish ET is a fine example. The little fellow looks like an ambulatory bolus of compacted faeces. How adorable.

But stifle your disappointment with the pillow of hope, for this is not a post about Turkish remakes, but about a Turkish original. The story appears in the latest Fortean Times, that the mayor of the Turkish town of Batman is suing Christopher Nolan and Warner Brothers for stealing the name of his town.

I like this story.

But I like the idea of a town called Batman even more. Why think, if I moved there, my address could be something like ~

David Cairns,

43 Sevastopol Terrace,


Although I suppose it could get tiresome. If somebody said, “Where do you live?” and I said, “Batman,” they would be almost certain to respond, “No, where do you live?”

I wonder if Batman is twinned with Robin, Iowa?