The Man with the Deadly Lens

A nice fellow rejoicing in the name of VintageEuroTV has posted some very interesting film-related stuff on VousTube. The personalities involved are mainly speaking English, so don’t be put off by the language at the start. This is the mighty Richard Brooks. Does everybody have a favourite Brooks film? IN COLD BLOOD does it for me.


11 Responses to “The Man with the Deadly Lens”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I’m rather fond of Bite the Bullet from ’75…An old fashioned,for the times,all star spectable..still largely unheard of..another great Gene Hackman performance

  2. Wrong is Right (1983) looks wonderful. Perhaps a double with Osterman Weekend? In Cold Blood is the classic of course. The Professionals and Bullet are good actioneers.

    I really want to see his last film Fever Pitch, partly because Roger Ebert called it “sick”, partly because it’s been compared to Sam Fuller and partly because it has a scene with Ryan O’Neal rolling around in a garbage can full of mustard

    Nicholas Ray had mixed feelings about him, greeting him in the mid 50s with “Hello WRITER” but he admitted that his talent developed after Blackboard Jungle

    Orson Welles REALLY didn’t care for him

  3. I have Wrong is Right lined up. It might be time to watch it as I finally watched Winter Kills, am looking forward to The Kremlin Letter, and so maybe it’s time to watch “that kind of thing”.

    Fever Pitch sounds delirious. Never seen Bite the Bullet, and the TV version screened looked inadequate, so I’ll have to watch out for a download or something.

    I think Brooks’ early stuff is perhaps a bit stodgy, and Lord Jim doesn’t really manage to find a style, but he’s interesting even in the later failures. And In Cold Blood gets him a free pass into cinema heaven as far as I’m concerned.

  4. kevin mummery Says:

    In Cold Blood is definitely Brooks’ masterpiece, although some of the shots of the killers driving around ruin the movie’s period feel for me, as there are early ’60’s cars shown in what is supposed to be 1959 Kansas, and unfortunately I have an obsessive need for period accuracy. But otherwise a fine film, surely Brook’s best.

    It may also interest you to know that Bite The Bullet is available, at least here in Los Estados Unidos, on a double feature disc from Sony; the 2nd feature is The Quick And The Dead. It’s UPC code number is 0-43396-15004-1, if you’re into that kind of thing. Bite The Bullet is better than average, not as good as In Cold Blood, but most things aren’t.

  5. I liked Lord Jim.

  6. Good performances, especially Mason. I just thought it was a bit incoherent, directorially. Especially considering In Cold Blood is so tight, so consistent.

  7. I’ll try to get ahold of Bite the Bullet and Fever Pitch at some point, because there’s always something going on with Brooks. Also, he’s a born storyteller.

  8. Christopher Says:

    I saw In Cold Blood on TV for the first time when I was about 13(I was curious about it after seeing a paperback copy on top of a stack of books on the back of the toilet in my parents bathroom for years)..Its the first time I remember really being disturbed by a movie..Whenever I imagine myself going to the gallows,the final 30 or so minutes of this film is usually what pops into mind.
    I picked up a copy of Bite the Bullet out of a store bargain bin here..Its largely made up of character sequences during a cross country horse the fashion of The Great Race..and “Those Daring Young Men” films of the 60s..

  9. Those big comedy chase things are usually not too funny… something about bigness and comedy doesn’t combine well, except with someone like Keaton, who carries everything so lightly. But I’d be fascinated to see the Brooks version, which must be a bit more serious.

  10. I’m crazy about The Professionals, Elmer Gantry, The Happy Ending and Deadline USA — which he screened for the staff of the “Los Angeles Herald-Exmainer” a month before the paper closed.

    Quite an interesting man. He went to his grave regretting that he drove the love of his life — Jean Simmons — away.

  11. Christopher Says:

    Well..”Bullet” is not a comedy..I’m saying that the scene shifts from character to character while on the Road and back again..and its really more of a character study than action picture..Its not “The Professionals”(which I also like)either…Elmer Gantry is another goodie
    I would regret loosing Jean Simmons too…Sure hate ta loose a good Toga woman.. :o/

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