Shadowplay Shadows #1


Beautiful shot from MURDER!, absent from the German version, MARY. Hitchcock seems to have executed his contractual duties on that one as hurriedly as possible.

What’s most gorgeous about the shot is that the shadow moves up the wall as we watch, signifying the approaching hour of execution. Hitch must have had a big light on a crane, or else let it slight down its lighting stand, to create the time-lapse sunset effect. More on MURDER! tomorrow.

8 Responses to “Shadowplay Shadows #1”

  1. Christopher Says:

    nothing like a good hangin’ after a hard night of drinking!
    better yet,a blessedly quick trip to Madam Guillotine!.oyyy

  2. Herbert Lom wrote a novel about Dr. Guillotine, the inventor of that labour-saving boon. He’s still hoping to make a movie of it.

  3. Very Vampyr, that shot.

  4. Christopher Says:

    You just don’t see great dramatic shadow or lighting effects in movies anymore..It would sure cut down on expenses…I was looking at Anton Grot’s design for Captain Blood the other night..One or two massive interior scenes had but a few bits of furniture,the rest was all lighting,yet the room was full and looked like they spent a fortune on it..
    …I’d buy a ticket to see a film about Doc Guillotine…even 2 tickets for a musical..

  5. Arthur S. Says:

    Hitchcock was a great fan of VAMPYR.

  6. But probably not by 1930, when he made Murder! Vampyr came out two years later…

  7. Hmmm.

    Well then let’s credit the influence of Lang and Murnau.

  8. I think so. Impossible to overstate that influence.

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