Forgotten Silver

The latest edition of my column, THE FORGOTTEN, is up at The Auteurs’ Notebook. This particular one may be my favourite of all the articles I’ve written. But then, as has been well established by now, I do have peculiar taste.


The subject is R.W. Paul, so this is amongst the earliest of early cinema I’ve written about. But I just acquired the collected works of Segundo de Chomon, so you can probably expect more fin-de-siecle ramblings soon.

3 Responses to “Forgotten Silver”

  1. Silent Films, it’s like a whole medium that was invented then left abandoned by the side of the road.
    Good article.

  2. I love the work of R.W.Paul and the way he bring to life the light of other days. One of my absolute favourites is the great short Blackfriars Bridge, from 1896. It might have been filmed yesterday:

    Timeless. To think that Dickens had only been dead for a quarter of a century. I’ve almost finished reading the great Bleak House.

  3. I expect most of those horses are quite elderly now.

    I now think I could have gone deeper, actually. In the age before lines had been drawn between drama and documentary, Paul perhaps saw no reason to control what was happening within his frame. So he stages the action in his chase films, but leaves the world to carry on all around.

    Oh, should have said — leave comments over at The Auteurs’. My mistake!

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