Mr. Moto says ~


“You turned my bathtub into an instrument of death.”

Strong words.

17 Responses to “Mr. Moto says ~”

  1. For a brief moment I thought it was Jerry Lewis.

  2. The casting choice with something to offend everybody!

  3. Cut to Paul Meurisse arising from the tub in Diabolique.

  4. I should really have sampled the scene on YouTube, because the mildly reproachful way Lorre says the line makes it even better.

  5. Paul Meurisse is great in Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe.

  6. Arthur S. Says:

    And spellbinding in L’ARMEE DES OMBRES. His character is based on Jean Moulin.

  7. Oh, he’s great. Rarely the most sympathetic actor, but his creepiness can be terribly effective, and it can work in an interesting way when he plays a good guy: L’Armee des Ombres is wonderfully unsentimental.

  8. Peter Lorre on how he got through the Mr. Moto films: “I took dope!”

    He was cute as a button at this stage, though.

  9. Ah, Fiona also has a fondness for Lorre. And Fritz Lang had a wooden chimp named after him.

  10. Christopher Says:

    Whyyy I see TOJO and HITLER roled into ONE!… :o))
    …THere was a pretty good little documentary on the PBS station here in the States awhile back on German exiles in Hollywood,called “Cinema’s Exiles:From Hitler to Hollywood”…oh,the “usual suspects” were talked about..but i had no Idea how isolated the Americans here made the germans feel even before Hitler gained any real power.Hell!If it weren’t for the germans coming over,there would hardly be the hollywood as we know it!..anyway..Billy Wilder and Lorre adapted MUCH better than others,their stories much happier than others..

  11. Still to watch Lorre’s Der Verloren (The Forgotten) — maybe I should write about it for The Forgotten. Seems inescapable, really.

    Wanna see that documentary! Christopher Hampton made one around 1990 that was pretty good, especially since there were still folks living like Curt Siodmak who could talk to him.

    As you say, some of those emigres like Thomas Mann, just didn’t cope with the new environment, and didn’t have much help, either. People like Paul Kohner did immensely good work rescuing a lot of them from Europe though.

  12. Check this out:

    This is the first part of a French documentary on Hollywood’s German exiles which has been posted in its entirety to YouTube. When I watched the PBS documentary on the same subject a few months ago it seemed to me that it was actually not just the same subject but the same documentary — with English narration of course, in place of this version’s oh-so-Fronch incantation.

  13. Yes, I’ve seen this one. I kind of prefer the earlier take on the subject by Hampton, since it benefited from greater access. Here I feel we’re being told a heavily summarised story, rather than getting to know the people.

    Maybe I’ll watch Verloren tonight.

  14. Christopher Says:

    Kohner’s wife.Lupita Tovar(the sexy Mina)narrates the english version of “Exiles’

  15. David, you should definitely save Der Verlorene (The Lost One) for The Forgotten. Maybe it will inspire them to give it The Criterion Treatment, which is something I suggested when I submitted a Top Ten list to their forum a short while back.

  16. I love Lupita.

    Just watching Hitchcock’s Juno and the Paycock, then it’ll be time for this week’s Lost, and then maybe The Lost One! If I don’t get to it this week, I have an obscure Siodmak I might write about.

  17. Hopefully it’s Pieges, although not everyone would call it obscure.

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