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…is the name of a film within a film in this movie. Disappointing that Hitchcock never made a film with that title.

(But this face-to-thumbprint transition reminds me of the subliminal dissolve from Anthony Perkins’ grin to Mrs Bates’ skull at the end of PSYCHO.)


Follow the clues…


(Anny Ondra leaves her fingerprints all over the crime scene, but this never becomes a plot point because the police don’t have her prints. But her glove is discovered, and her detective boyfriend recognises the torn fingertips…)

Which film is this?…


Hitchcock’s BLACKMAIL…

(We actually see Cyril Ritchard, as the artist, guide Anny’s hand to paint in the body’s outline — she’s already rendered the head in her own style. Since it’s not easy to draw using someone else’s hand, I presume the outline was already sketched on the card in light pencil, too softly for the camera to see. Even then, I would suppose that Ritchard must have been pretty good with a brush…)


Or Hitchcock’s BLACKMAIL?

The silent or the talkie? Whoever gets it right can have an actress follow them around revoicing their dialogue for a month.

Films Which Should Exist

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Mike Mazurki stars as “Killer” Cannolli in THE MURDERIZER.

Everybody join in (Yes, YOU.) I want to hear about films that should exist. The only rule is that they should not be films that anybody ever thought about making, they should be your own original conceptions. A title and a star or director is enough, but feel free to go further…