Clowning Around


My multi-award winning short film CRY FOR BOBO, is now online at BBC Film Network here, so UK residents can hopefully see it. Not sure about the rest of you — if somebody could check and let me know, that’d be great. I took it off YouTube while we were wooing the BBC (who helped pay for it, so didn’t need too much persuading, but did take a while) but maybe I’ll have to arrange some kind of foreign outlet for it…


Meanwhile, my new article in the Forgotten series is up at the Auteurs’ Notebook .

Leave comments on the article over there, and comments on the film over here.


17 Responses to “Clowning Around”

  1. I tried accessing it from Ireland using Hotspotshield (which works very well for Hulu) but the BBC website is too clever for me. Great still though.

  2. Worked for me, out here in Montreal.

    CRY FOR BOBO is brilliant! I rate it 5 pies in the kisser!

  3. Thanks, Pierre! It seems that the BBC site needs various plug-ins that not everybody has, even in the UK. I’m working on making it available through other, stealthy, means.

  4. Ah marvelous, I’ve been wanting to see Cry For Bobo ever since I found your blog. And I thoroughly enjoyed it! Shame about the tiny picture and internet compression, but you can’t have everything.

  5. Well done David. I was able to watch it full screen, but the picture quality was not the best. You took Kubrick’s The Killing and the heist in The Dark Knight a step further, rather than criminals in clown masks we have something a bit more literal. Will there be a sequel? And, how about something with mimes?

  6. For anyone who can’t see the BBC version:

    The movie actually predates Dark Knight, but clown-masked robbers go back a long way. The Killing was a factor, and other bits of Kubrick somehow found their way in there (like the strip-search from Clockwork Orange). Aimed for Keaton, somehow coincided with Kubes.

  7. Such a great piece of work. I first saw it some years ago in a programme of short films at the Cameo (would that be right?) and thought that it was far and away the best of the selection. Lovely homages sprinkled here and there and a conclusion that manages to conjure genuine emotion from the ridiculous goings on. It’s brilliant.

    And I really love the scene outside the shop, with the window cleaner’s bucket. First rate!

  8. CRY FOR BOBO is great David. For me it evokes Sam Beckett and Rab C and Monique Cerf. Great.

  9. La belle Barbara:

  10. I had to look Monique Serf up, so I guess she wasn’t a conscious influence.

    Oh, mimes! We had mimes, but we had to make the film ten minutes so the mime wing of the clown prison (where the walls are imaginary) had to get cut.

    The shorts programme at the Cameo would be where we won the Jim Poole Award, so, yes, you’re right about that Diarmid.

  11. ——-
    I had to look Monique Serf up, so I guess she wasn’t a conscious influence.
    Just my impression. I am also reminded of Cassavetes and Fort William.

  12. I wish I could remember who it is who’s planning to make a film in Fort William. Somebody quite big… possibly French. My boss at college, who’s French, said, “He’ll get a surprise.”

  13. You never know who you might meet in Fort William. Lots of ordinary folk who love beer and bikes and fresh air. I have met them.

  14. Finally got to see Cry for Bobo on YouTube and loved it. Full of great little details like the flickering reflection from the bucket of water on the yearning clown’s face as he tries not to break character…. that would have made Karl Freund proud. Looking forward to a second viewing.

  15. I was never really certain that reflection worked… thanks for reassuring me! That always seems to be a favourite with audiences, especially because Mark’s first reaction is so good. Should really have come up with a surprise resolution for the sequence though.

  16. I don’t have the plug-ins to watch this at work–but if the BBC played for it Pierre (in Montreal), it can play it for me–this weekend!

    looking forward to it!


  17. Enjoy! It’s only ten mins.

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