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We can laugh about it now

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I seriously dig the use of the word “appealingly” in the opening text crawl. It’s in perfect English otherwise, so I’m envisaging some hapless, perspiring translator being forced to use this word by producers, even as he tries to persuade them it’s not, perhaps, the absolute best choice.

The sample (dubbed) dialogue is also inspiring, and the snappy exclamations superimposed over explosions. “This could happen to you,” is my favourite, although I doubt the Cukor reference is intentional.

I have no doubt that THE LAST WAR is a sincere attempt to raise awareness of a terrible threat while raising money for Toho. And there’s also a slight sense that by 1961, Godzilla had lost his edge slightly. “Our deterrent lacks credibility!” cried the execs. “Maybe we should try destroying cities and landmarks without a giant lizard? Could that work?”

Even the phrase “employing every vestige of our technical skill” somehow lacks confidence.

“We, Toho Pictures, are in a better position than any other production company to make a film such as this. We have a long and successful history of blowing shit up. ”

Many thanks to Glenn Erickson for pointing this one out via his great DVDSavant.