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Go on, try

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“Go on, I dares ya! I’m a sixty-foot-tall wobbly Lloyd Bridges — what’re ya gonna do if ya DO get me?”

This film is better known — although not well known — as THE SOUND OF FURY, and it’s the last film Cy Endfield made stateside before the blacklist nudged him across the pond, where he made Brit classics HELL DRIVERS and ZULU.

So I must see this, clearly.

Intertitle of the Week: Shoot to Kill

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Hitchcock reckoned this was the worst intertitle he ever wrote ~


It might not be that bad, actually, except that it’s the climax of the film (EASY VIRTUE), and thus quite a lot of pressure is put on the lowly title card, which fairly buckles under the weight of expectation. And since the instruction is delivered to a swarm of proto-paparazzi, it’s a Clever Play on Words, and the emotional climax of a (let’s face it) melodrama is perhaps not the best place for a C.P.o.W.

The movie is certainly minor Hitch — but if the material doesn’t serve his purposes ideally, there are compensations. Read all about it here on Wednesday.