Clues: Knives of the Avenger


Portrait of a lady. Terribly easy one, this.


The card.


“But I wouldn’t use a KNIFE!


Scotland Yard baffled — but I bet you’re not. Identify the film and win, umm, the chance to write about the Hitchcock movie of your choice! Hmm, that’s not really a prize, is it?

10 Responses to “Clues: Knives of the Avenger”

  1. T
    H E
    L O D
    G E R

  2. Expressionistically expressed, sir.

    Name your film!

  3. i spent ages arranging those letters in a big triangle and now i just look stupid because it hasn’t worked out the way i planned, just like everything else

  4. Lay-out is hard to manage in blog comments, the blog sort of re-arranges them according to its own laws. You wanted the T in the middle?

  5. yes, the T, O and final E formed a sort of central spine. it was a thing of great geometrical beauty, cruelly stifled by the brutish laws of wordpress

  6. Hey, I can see it when I go in to edit Comments! It IS rather lovely.

  7. i am finding it difficult to decide which film to spout off about. i haven’t even seen most of them. is it lazy or sensible to do one i’ve already seen? i’d quite like to do strangers on a train but i think a lot of people might be looking forward to that one as a highlight and i’d feel lousy if i wrecked their year. will i do something late and unfavorably regarded like torn curtain? surely nobody will care if i muck that up.

    shall we put it to the vote?

  8. Well, if you want to do one you haven’t seen, I’ll make you a copy of it. That makes it more like a prize. If it’s a major one, I might write something too, and then you needn’t be afraid of mucking it up — at worst you’d be providing added value.

    I’m doing them in order, so that might be a factor — do you want months and months to wait, or would you like to get it out the way?

  9. would it be possible for me to do something post war? i haven’t calculated it exactly but i think college will be over by then so it won’t interfere with my work, plus it will be a good way of keeping my brain sharp in the holidays. i am still overwhelmed by choice though

  10. OK, let’s make it postwar. Spellbound (1945) lands on Aug 31st, to give you a rough idea.

    Don’t let this become burdensome!

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