It begins…


…and we might think, “Aw, a retro-thirties Universal logo! This is actually quite nice.”


And then a more modern plane, and we think, “Ah-hah! Bringing it all up to date. That’s kind of cute.”


“Concorde!” we cry. “Somehow tacky, but still acceptable.” Meanwhile titles are appearing, some of which might inspire mild alarm, some confusion, some genuine enthusiasm.


“Hooray!” But — “A flying saucer? I thought we were moving forward in time, but that’s a classic Adamski U.F.O. from the ’50s. They have become confused.”


“Uh-oh, what’s happening now?”


“Let the shit begin!”


7 Responses to “It begins…”

  1. Arthur S. Says:

    The main title of the film looks like a cheesy video game spoiler from the 80s.

  2. The central performance in the stage version is a lot more “committed” than the listless guy in the movie.

    The whole movie suits very well the words “cheesy” and “80s”. Why were 80s reconstructions of 40s music so appalling?

  3. Because the 80’s arrangers were too young to know anything about the 40’s.

    Cheyenne Jackson is on the verge of superstardom.

    Michael Beck has been completely forgotten.

  4. As Michael Beck said himself: “THE WARRIORS opened a lot of doors in film for me, which XANADU then closed.”

  5. Beck really doesn’t appear to be putting much effort in — had he at least TRIED, people might not have held Xanadu against him. He’s incredibly hopeless in it. It’s a poorly written role, of course.

    I know the guys trying to recreate the 40s sound hadn’t experienced it first time around, but the old recordings still EXIST, so they could listen and learn. And New York, New York’s recreations are fine. So it has something to do with a sound and an attitude of the 80s that is being imposed on the material, to make it “pop”, and which really just makes it “crap”. Of course, being enmeshed in 80s pop practice would give the arrangers a lot of bad habits to break, but with a bit of taste and sensitivity it could be done.

    All that said, I’m still dumbfounded at how awful they make it sound.

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