Remember the Forgotten?

My latest edition of THE FORGOTTEN is up at The Auteurs’ Notebook — now go!


Please leave your comments over there, and enjoy the seasonal treat on offer.

11 Responses to “Remember the Forgotten?”

  1. I left a response over there.

  2. Remember the Night is indeed a gem. My friend Ruth Olay (a great jazz caberet singer) worked as Struges secretary during his Hughes years and tells me that the scripts were written in great units of dialigue thatm he would move about at will. Consquently a Sturges script was easier to cut than most — and Leisen does a teriffic job.

    Meanwhile. . .IT’S BARBARA STEELE DAY!

  3. Martin Scorsese selected ”Remember The Night” as part of his DIRECTV catalogue for the month of december. It’ll be gone by January. So, while they’re still at it…

    I’ve never seen the film and aside from ”Easy Living” and ”Midnight” am a stranger to Leisen although it’s clear he cut quite a shadow on the stage.

  4. Every day is Barbara Steele Day to me.

  5. David Cherachetti’s book on Leisen is a must, Arthur. He had quite a career — from designing costumes for DeMille right up to the very last RKO movie, The Girl Most Likely. His story tells us tons about Hollywood history in the grat studio era.

  6. Leisen’s a great example of a filmmaker with a diverse catalogue of films, which somehow all do link up to form a portrait of their maker. The comedies, melodramas, period movies, and even the one noir, fit together neatly.

    I’d love for Babs Steele to do at least one more grand role, not necessarily in a horror, although of course that would be great.

  7. My dream would bve for her to star in a film adaptation of Jane Bowles’ one-shot masterpiece Two Serious Ladies

  8. Who would you cast as the other serious lady?

  9. Tuesday Weld of course.

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