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Merry Christmas from Edinburgh

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Our own dear Alastair Sim as Scrooge in A CHRISTMAS CAROL. I think you have to be careful with this bit, because Scrooge is apt to appear INSANE, as if his ordeal of the previous night has cost him his marbles. Edinburgh’s own Sim boldly wades in, throwing caution to the winds, and loons it up like a good un. Better to be interesting than…not.

Scrooge is clearly not Scottish in the Dickens, or at any rate there’s no mention of it, but the miserly nature of the character seems to fit with Sim’s casting (he reprised the role in Richard Williams’ animated version), and later we get Uncle Scrooge McDuck, cementing the connection.

Christmas Quiz

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YES! A proud tradition is begun. The first annual Shadowplay Christmas Quiz. It’s all about your powers of observation. Just watch this short clip and answer the questions below. Remember, the answers are all in the clip.

1) What is the name of Charles Foster Kane’s pet shadow-rooster?

2) Giraffe, elephant, rooster… what comes next?

3) What is Susan Alexander concealing in her left hand?

4) Ted Healy, of Three Stooges fame, is hiding behind the divan (you can just see his thumb). But why was he there, and who is sewing up his pants?

5) What colour is Susan’s wallpaper?

6) The oval portrait above the radiator depicts which famous hockey player?

7) The rug on the wall is Welles’ homage to dialect comedian El Brendel, of course, but what about the lamp?

8) What is the triangular, patterned object with the white stick projecting from it, mounted on the wall above the chair? Seriously, it’s driving me nuts.

9) The sounds of a kazoo and an iron lung can faintly be heard from next door. What did Welles hope to convey with this?

10) The subliminal image about 7 seconds in: why a bus station?

Remember — the answers are all in the clip. Merry Christmas!