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Peter Cook in conversation with Chris Morris. Festive? Maybe not. But I feel I’ll be doing humanity a service if a few people hear this who hadn’t, previously.

Cook, a renowned genius of  ’60s comedy, had a bumpy ride in the ’70s and ’80s. This extract was part of a late flowering, where he created a few hours of comedy gold right before dropping dead. Despite being called “Why Bother?” this series showed Cook could still improvise matchless insane brilliance, and here he has an equally dark and scabrous mind to bounce off, which was a rarity (only Dudley Moore really fused with Cook onscreen, which meant that he often seemed to be performing in a void when paired with anyone else or compelled to read anyone else’s lines). Here, Morris provides the demented set-up, and throws some dizzying curve-balls at the great one, while Cook serenely dispenses cracked majesty, playing one of his ancient favourites, the patrician monster Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling.

OK, it’s not quite CINEMA… but if you hold up a piece of green card you can imagine it’s a sequel to Derek Jarman’s BLUE.

Christmas on the Prairie

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A rather witty image from Christian-Jaques’ daffy LES PETROLEUSES, which also includes such endearing sights as French cowboys drinking beaujolais out of beer mugs.