Al-Long Again, Naturally


Gisela Verbisek as Al-Long in BRIDE OF THE GORILLA.

They must have had a roaring time on that set with lines like, “You’re just Al-Long for the ride!” or, “I’ll go Al-Long with you on this one!” How they must have laughed.

Theory: did writer-director (auteur!) Curt Siodmak  have a drinking buddy called Al Long?

Hmm, maybe this guy? A fellow screenwriter. Oddly, I just watched one of his films, FOLIES BERGERE, which was not at all bad. More on it later, maybe.00

4 Responses to “Al-Long Again, Naturally”

  1. The crumpled sorceress was perhaps better known by her full name Al Night Long (Al Night, Al Night)

  2. No, no, she was Al Al-Long, the Witch Doctor, which is easy to remember as it’s a famous song by Bob Dylan.

  3. She makes Maria Ouspenskaya and Una O’Connor look positively ravishing by comparison. Gisela was in The Brasher Doubloon as well, not to mention a film made in 1930 entitled The Cabinet of Dr. Larifari, I kid you not. Starred in over thirty films overall, one who fell through the cracks of cinema history. There’s actually a Ford dealership here in Detroit called Al Long Ford, although I’m inclined to think this Al Long’s seen better days.

  4. Would YOU buy a car from this Hungarian gypsy Amazon native witch doctor?

    “Even a man who is Raymond Burr,
    And says his prayers by night,
    May become an ape, when the plot demands it,
    And walk like a beast, upright.”

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