Intertitle of the Week


If only. It’s bloody baltic here.

This is from THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA. Our intrepid stooges heroes have walked into a trap laid by Lon Chaney.

Fiona and I both remember this title card, from a screening at Edinburgh Film Festival, with live orchestra under the baton of Carl Davis, as reading, “Heat! Sudden, intense heat!” and we use this quote around the house, at random intervals. Disconcerting to find it’s not actually in the film.

(It seems likely that the title was written by the great Lois Weber, who rewrote and recut the movie after unsuccessful previews.)

The tricks of memory are much on my mind, as I’m about to start a project called THE FORGOTTEN — more on this soon.

9 Responses to “Intertitle of the Week”

  1. Ann Miller invented tights!

  2. She did! And her dad was a lawyer who defended Machine Gun Kelly!

  3. Wow! Maybe you can clear up the mystery about what was really going on between her and Louis B Mayer?

  4. He liked ’em young and she liked ’em rich. LB asked her to marry him but she nixed it. He threatened her with a stardomectomy but she nixed that too: LB had ‘discovered’ more than her dancing when she was still in bobbysocks and she threatened to spill the preteen beans.

  5. ps, this is all perverted lies. Pazuzu made me say it.

  6. We’ll forgive it since it was delivered in such onvincing hardboiled prose. Mickey Spillane must have been channelling a Sumerian demon.

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