Stuff and things

The new banner is a woodcut by Guy Budziak, regular Shadowplayer and very possibly the leading proponent of the film noir woodcut.  Buy one for the noirist in your life.


Linda Darnell and Charles Bickford face off in Otto Preminger’s FALLEN ANGEL.

And in other news, another regular Shadowplayer has started his own blog. Alex Livingstone’s Snakes Are My Life, In A Way brings you funny film stuff to supplement your Shadowplaying. Everyone go there! Go now and surprise him! Go even if you only came here in hopes of finding something about Zarah Leander or William Gargan!

6 Responses to “Stuff and things”

  1. Who’s William Gargan? He sounds like he might have battled Godzilla

    Those woodcuts are great. I’m going over there now to look at the rest of them


  2. Yeah right, Gargan, short for Gargantua.

  3. Heh! I love William Gargan, because his name is William Gargan.

  4. William Gargan was in a show called “I Deal in Crime”

    I could love him just for that

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