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Part 3 of Abel Gance’s AU SECOURS! See previous posts for parts 1 and 2.

Silent comedy was never like this! I like the “threatening man” who reminds me of Oddbod Jnr., the reanimated neanderthal in CARRY ON SCREAMING. Linder’s disintegration here is genuinely upsetting, but then it all winds up in a comically over-explained ending that anticipates PSYCHO (wait, that ending was meant to be serious?).


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One year on! Shadowplay first hit the cyber-streets on December 1st, 2007. We’ve climbed from about 4 hits a day to up to 1,000. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thanks to all the regular and irregular commenters who have turned this from an online magazine to a discussion board, really taking advantage of the one virtue online publications have over printed ones — their ability to accommodate instant feedback and host debate. Very often on any blog an article will serve as a mere trigger to get people talking — the comments can offer more illumination and entertainment than the piece itself. So I’m delighted to have such great friends chipping in with comments and information and insights.

So this is a big thank-you to regular commenters, and also an invitation to everyone else to declare themselves. You don’t have to say anything big or clever, just hello will do — it’s nice to hear from all you wonderful people out there in the dark. One thing we can do is use this as a request spot for future articles (which I will then forget to write) and I’m sure it will, in the usual fashion, turn into a lively discussion about anything and everything.

Part Two:

See Previous post for Part One.