Watch the Skis!

The scientist’s niece, an Olympic figure-skater with an Olympian figure, wants to come along on the trip to investigate the strange meteor that made a horizontal landing in the wastes of Lapland. The offensive Swedish geologist hero refuses:

“Oh no, not this trip. You just stay here and look pretty until we get back.”

But, being a woman and everything, she has to come along anyway (it’s like they had minds of their own or something!), despite the landscape being littered with antlers strewn from reindeer dismembered by the big space thingummy, and soon she has been abducted by it.

This hairy fellow forms a frontispiece to Dennis Gifford’s Pictorial History of Horror Movies — I’ve wanted to see him in action since I was about ten. I probably would have enjoyed it more then… but I still enjoyed it.

TERROR IN THE MIDNIGHT SUN. Admittedly, the terror takes a while to turn up. The offensive Swedish geologist hero and the scientist’s Olympic figure skating niece go skiing together… They listen to some xylophone jazz… These are pleasant activities, to be sure, but there’s a certain lack of dramatic tension, and a decided lack of midnight-sun-terror during this first half of the film. But, eventually…

“We’re standing before some kind of craft from outer space.”

“How can you be sure?”

“Well… look at it.”

4 Responses to “Watch the Skis!”

  1. A real sci-fi jamboree, here. Gort from The Day the Earth Stood Still becomes Bigfoot. Instead of Michael Rennie we get Devo in white clown make-up. And the heroine looks quite like Barbara Rush in It Came From Outer Space, despite the parka.

  2. The heroine’s lovely, I feel sorry for her having to associate with that nordic lout. Quite atmospheric and peculiar once it gets going. They might have made better use of their striking locations by setting the whole film on an alien ice planet — the long build-up is a drag. But I do like that monster!

  3. The glowing “meteor” in its crater (bottom) looks like a straight swipe from It Came From Outer Space too.

  4. The age of ten sounds about right. My parents would let me stay up late when I was that age on Saturday nights when there would be a horror/sci-fi double feature, pretty much along the lines of your featured entry. Liked the tusks jutting up from below, a nice touch. Something about the silence of a snowy landscape adds to the spookiness of things. And your reference to It Came From…, that’s where my mind went too at first glimpse. The guys with tall heads, how can one not think of the Coneheads from SNL. The movies that really took the cake for weirdness in my childhood were the Wrestling Women vs. The Aztec Mummy stuff from South of the Border, no one in the U.S. could’ve ever conceived such strangeness, uniquely belongs to Mexican pop culture.

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