Gareth McFeely responds to the Great Duvivier Giveaway with a thoughtful and original analysis of LA FIN DU JOUR in the political context of 1939.

Check it!

6 Responses to “Duvivierism”

  1. Heavens. I once worked with him under the pseudonym Mary Ann Sputnik when I used to edit the film section of the University paper. I remember people kept assuming his was also a pseudonym. I can’t wait to read this. BUT I HAVE TO WATCH IT FIRST… so shabby. Oh, here, you might enjoy this while I’m here: Black and white serial opening credits achieve their apotheosis


  2. That’s what the cinema of today lacks — “Gorzo”!

  3. Halfway through I was sincerely hoping that the cast of characters would just go on and on for twenty minutes or so. Snazzy.

  4. Thanks for the link, David. I knew I had forgotten something: Now with pictures! Mary Ann Sputnik, now there’s a name that brings back memories…

  5. it’s like Friends Reunited, this place…

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